2 Week Summary of Things Learned

I’ve been so busy learning new things that my brain has been overloaded. I haven’t been able to post in a while. So here is a 2 week compilation.

Things I learned:

  • adding width and height to an image tag makes the image load faster (don’t forget the alt tag!)
  • new HTML5 code=figcaption; puts caption beneath image
  • meter element/progress bar
  • if you upload content to your server, it’s yours
  • a favicon is 16×16 pixels
  • css sprites (and no, there aren’t any css dr. peppers)
  • #1 reason people leave sites = slow load
  • RGBA = red, green, blue, alpha (for opacity)
  • css3 gradients
  • page layout design techniques=ice, jello, liquid (new for mobile=responsive)
  • css3generator.com (for those days you’d rather not code from memory)
  • appealing to 6 living generations in your design/content
  • Dabblet (see your design and code at the same time)
  • Bacon Ipsum (Lorum ipsum alternative with meat names)
  • Slipsum (Samuel L. Jackson ‘Pulp Fiction’ text generator)
  • Basic CSS Column Layouts w/ tutorials
  • Great Examples of HTML 5 Sites

Hope these can hold you over until my next post. School + Boyfriend + Blues games = One busy girl.


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