Not Just a Web Designer

When I started this blog as a class assignment, I was only going to post web design topics. However, I have been doing a lot of graphic design more so than web design lately (due to summer break). I have stumbled across a great article today and wanted to share it with you.

I recently signed up for a website called You can either use the site as a client or as a designer. As a client, you submit your project details and hold a contest for the designers to try their luck at creating something for you. At the end of the time period you select, you pick the winner and compensate them however much you choose. As a designer, you can enter as many contests as you’d like and win cash prizes that are often times $200+!


Screenshot of an active contest.

I think the best contests are ones that hide the submitted entries so you can’t see what others have done. I know once I see the others I get discouraged and decide not to enter.  I say give it a shot cause you never know what the client is really looking for. It doesn’t hurt to try, plus you can add the work to your portfolio.

So I subscribed to 99Designs on Facebook and they posted an article today about how to make a great 3D package design mockup. It seems like it would take a lot of work, but really, all you’re doing is putting your images into Illustrator and manipulating them to look 3D. It definitely makes you look professional, especially with that drop shadow and reflection at the base.


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