2 Week Summary of Things Learned

I’ve been so busy learning new things that my brain has been overloaded. I haven’t been able to post in a while. So here is a 2 week compilation.

Things I learned:

  • adding width and height to an image tag makes the image load faster (don’t forget the alt tag!)
  • new HTML5 code=figcaption; puts caption beneath image
  • meter element/progress bar
  • if you upload content to your server, it’s yours
  • a favicon is 16×16 pixels
  • css sprites (and no, there aren’t any css dr. peppers)
  • #1 reason people leave sites = slow load
  • RGBA = red, green, blue, alpha (for opacity)
  • css3 gradients
  • page layout design techniques=ice, jello, liquid (new for mobile=responsive)
  • css3generator.com (for those days you’d rather not code from memory)
  • appealing to 6 living generations in your design/content
  • Dabblet (see your design and code at the same time)
  • Bacon Ipsum (Lorum ipsum alternative with meat names)
  • Slipsum (Samuel L. Jackson ‘Pulp Fiction’ text generator)
  • Basic CSS Column Layouts w/ tutorials
  • Great Examples of HTML 5 Sites

Hope these can hold you over until my next post. School + Boyfriend + Blues games = One busy girl.


New Term Learned: @Font-Face

You pick a real cool font to load on your page; the only problem is that most people won’t have it loaded on their computer, therefore it won’t show up. Your page will not look as cool as  you intended it to.

The solution is easy: download the font file to your server and with some simple coding, viewers are prompted to download the file if they don’t have it.

How to do this: @ Font-Face Generator (This site is also great for free fonts.)

Another cool site I found today: ColorCombos.com – If you want to know the many forms of color values something is (RGB, Hex, CMYK) or if you need some great color combos, this site is perfect. You can even enter a URL and it will tell you all the colors on that site. Color could not be any easier when working with this awesome page.

Google's colorsGoogle’s site colors