New Term Learned: @Font-Face

You pick a real cool font to load on your page; the only problem is that most people won’t have it loaded on their computer, therefore it won’t show up. Your page will not look as cool as  you intended it to.

The solution is easy: download the font file to your server and with some simple coding, viewers are prompted to download the file if they don’t have it.

How to do this: @ Font-Face Generator (This site is also great for free fonts.)

Another cool site I found today: – If you want to know the many forms of color values something is (RGB, Hex, CMYK) or if you need some great color combos, this site is perfect. You can even enter a URL and it will tell you all the colors on that site. Color could not be any easier when working with this awesome page.

Google's colorsGoogle’s site colors


Helpful Sites – Part 1

I’m a graphic designer studying to be a web designer, so I have a lot of sites I visit when I need help. Whether it be for picking color schemes, cool fonts, background images, etc., these following sites have served me well.

When I need color schemes –

When I need free and cool fonts –

When I need a quick cheat sheet on HTML/CSS –

When I need free Photoshop brushes and images –

When I just need simple advice on web design –

And that’s all I can think of at the moment, but I’m always finding new and interesting tools all the time. One thing I’ve always liked to do is share my knowledge, so this blog will be updated regularly.